Sunday, March 8, 2009

Young Love

In order to appreciate this conversation you should know that StinkyMan has a little crush on a girl in his class we'll call Sarah.

StinkyMan: Mommy what are you doing?

Mommy: Getting the wax out of BabyGirl's ear.

S: I don't have wax in my ears

M: Yes you do. Everyone does.

S: Do you?

M: Yes I do. So does Daddy. And Grammy. And Grampy.

S: And Curly?

M: Yes

S: And Peanut? And Tommy? And Krissy? And Sam?

M: Yes.

S: And Uncle B? and Auntie M? And Miss Missy and Miss Ella?

M: Everybody has wax in their ears, StinkyMan. Everybody.

Stinkyman: Not Sarah. Sarah doesn't have wax. She's special.

Love is blind...and ear wax free.

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