Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's been 9 years...

...of marriage for me and Husband. Today is our Anniversary.

In all honesty I don't know what to say. I've written and deleted quite a few drafts of this. I'm stumped, and here is why:

Lots of people say that marriage is work. I don't see that. I mean, we both do things FOR each other and FOR our marriage, but it doesn't feel like work. I like leaving random love notes for him. I don't mind leaving his clothes hangers untouched so he is never hangerless (a pet peeve I learned early on). I don't roll his socks. He says that stretches them. I try to always serve something green with dinner, as I know that is his preference. I watch TV shows with him that I otherwise likely would not watch because he likes them. I massage his scalp if he sits in front of me while we watch. I sneak in a random kiss or 2 fairly often. I will snuggle against him for a bit when his alarm goes off at ungodly hours for work so he can begin his day feeling loved.

And he likes to send me flowers for no reason. He often waggles his eyebrows at me to indicate he thinks I'm hot (I assure you that only my husband would think that as many days I am covered in baby spit, hence the blog title). He lets me sleep in when he's home. He's been known to bring home some of my favorite treats on no occasion whatsoever days. He smacks my rear end affectionately. He makes dinner, folds laundry and puts kids to bed without ever complaining that these are things a stay home mom should be doing. I usually don't have to ask for a back rub.

Together you will likely find us hugging or holding hands (when we aren't pushing strollers). I cheer him in his career, he pretends to care when I tell him about the latest Mommy group happenings. We are a united front on all counts. It so nice to know that someone always has my back, no matter what.

I guess what I am saying is that none of this is work. When I think of work I think of stuff I HAVE to do; tasks that need to be begrudgingly accomplished. I don't see the things I do for my husband, and in turn my marriage, as work. I like to do them. I enjoy doing them. I suspect he feels the same.

I know I am lucky. Blessed, even, if that's how you look at things. We've endured some tough times. His mom's death, a hospitalized toddler, a miscarriage, a too early baby in the NICU and the resulting bills. But we are always in it together. It's been 9 years today and walking down that aisle towards him and saying "I do" was the smartest thing I ever did.

Happy Anniversary, Babe. You are as charming, funny and handsome as ever. I didn't know it was possible at the time, but I love you more now than I did then. Thank you for marrying me and for loving me the way I love you. You are the best.

UPDATE: He just called and sang "Happy Anniversary" to the tune of "Happy Birthday" to me and asked me what he could make me for a special dinner. See? I told you he's the best!

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  1. Congrats to you both, we love being around you and in your home because you can feel the love and happiness there.