Monday, March 30, 2009

His name is StinkyMan

It has been brought to my attention that some people do not feel that I should call StinkyMan, well, StinkyMan. Obviously, this is not his real name. Ever since I read about a total nutjob who tracked a little boy down from a newspaper picture in Florida and did horrible, unspeakable things, I choose to keep them largely anonymous. If a crackpot can find a kid out of a newspaper pic, then I would think there are more crackpots and easier information access on the internet.

So I gave them their Blog Names. And apparently it bothers some people that while my girls have sweeter names, my son has a name that indicates he is somehow smelly.

First of all, he is not smelly. I do bathe him, as much if not more than my girls, for he likes to hop in the shower with his dad in addition to regular baths. He is not really yucky or stinky or dirty in any way. The name came from when he was a baby and he pooped once every 14 days and when he finally went, it was HORRENDOUSLY smelly. He was my stinky little man. And the name stuck.

So why are the girls all sweetness and light? Curly is Curly due to her hair, Peanut is Peanut due to her size and BabyGirl being BabyGirl is fairly obvious. But what you don't know is that IRL (in real life) it is a different story.

Curly is often called Poops or Mumu. Peanut is often called La Poo. BabyGirl is often called 'Tinky (short for Stinky). And StinkyMan? He's usually called "Bubby".

So see? It's equal opportunity smelly nickname assignments around here. No one is playing favorites and no one is being mean. They are all equally StinkyPeople.

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  1. Well I happen to love the name Stinkyman. Makes me smile every time I read it so I hope you won't be changing it.(Man, it's hard to please everyone. Especially everyone on the internet.) We called my youngest 'Tinky too. Whoever said that breastfed babies aren't stinky had clearly never met Alyssa.