Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am hot.

No, it's not that warm outside. I got flirted with today. I wouldn't go so far as to say "hit on" but I definitely got flirted with.

I went kidless to pick up a pizza. I was wedding ringless too (it's too big and I'm afraid of losing it, so I take it off at night and often forget to put it back on.) My pizza wasn't ready, so I waited.

Initially I did not feel even remotely hot. My hair looked beyond bad, I was fresh faced (read: no make-up) and running on little sleep as usual. But the guy behind the counter apparently likes the tired mom of 4 look because he said "So, how are you?" well after I was finished with my pizza transaction.

I know, I know that sentence alone means nothing. But I'm a girl, I know when someone is bringing the flirt and he definitely was. I answered "I'm good. Not having to cook is always a plus." and he smiled and then another customer came to the counter and that was that.

No biggie, right? Except, I dunno, it kind of was. Most of the time I feel extremely un-cute. Remember the first season of Desperate Housewives when Lynette ALWAYS looked like crap? I'm right there 95% of the time. And today was in that 95%. Until that moment.

Now it's not like I was going to shove all the pizza boxes off the counter, jump up on it and scream "Take me, Pizza Man!" That's absurd. But he made my day for sure. I am still hot. Under all the baby spit and kid stains and baggy, puffy eyes and old clothes, I've still got it. I am still flirt worthy material.

Thanks Pizza Dude. You made my day.

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  1. Congrats Hot Mama!!! Sadly, I don't get flirted with at all anymore. Good for you!